Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

Fat Tuesday isn't until February 28th this year, but carnival season is well under way in New Orleans! Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday that lands 47 days before Easter. While Mardi Gras is technically only one day, carnival season kicks off each year on January 6th.
Even though I am not down in Nola watching the parades this year, I am still participating in the festivities from up here in Ohio. Even if it's just in my own kitchen!

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Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Fresh Pomegranate Seeds


It is a fact that I was one of those weird kids who actually liked eating their veggies. I loved spinach doused with lemon juice, southern style greens with pepper sauce, and at the top of the list... sprout balls!!!! (aka Brussels sprouts). I used to run around the house ninja kicking doors shut and announcing "Mom is cooking SPROUT BALLS!!!" Yeah I know, what a wierdo right?

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Southern Cornbread


Cornbread is a southern staple. It is frequently served at lunch and supper with just about any southern dish. My grandmother even used to crumble up leftover cornbread and stuff it into a cup of buttermilk for a snack! My dad makes the best cornbread and there are very few suppers that I can remember that were not served along with a warm slice of southern goodness.

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Crispy Rosemary Steak Fries

DSC_0019 (1)

If you know me, you are aware that I have a slight obsession with potatoes. Ok, maybe a huge one. Basically, I can't live without potatoes! To be fair, what's not to love about this versatile vegetable? They give the world with fries, chips, and even vodka. My fiancé and I visited Ireland last year and I was in hog heaven because every meal came with one to two sides of potatoes. While I love all the wonderful potato dishes of the world, my favorite potato persona will always be the ever popular classic... French fry!

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