Summer Garden Tricks


The folks down south may have put their seedlings in the ground back in April, but up here in Ohio things are just now taking off! In Mississippi, the rule of thumb for transplanting seedlings is to wait until Good Friday. In Ohio, we have to wait until Mothers Day weekend to be safe. Believe it or not, we had snow flurries in mid-May last year! I went back home to the south for Easter weekend and got to get in my parents garden and help plant. This helped ease my gardening itch a bit until my turn came! 

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Garden Planning


Even though summer still feels so far away and we just got a dusting of snow this past weekend, it is time to start thinking about my vegetable garden! If you want to start your garden from seeds, a good way to get a head start on the growing season is to sprout your seeds indoors. In Ohio, we have a shorter window of warm weather than many other parts of the country. By starting my plants indoors now, I can transplant them outside to my garden beds when old man winter moves on and the threat of frost is gone.

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Mississippi Muscadines


September in the south is something I look forward to all year... muscadine season! For those of you who may not be familiar with muscadines, they are a grapevine species that can be found from the Carolinas over to parts of Texas and Oklahoma. In Mississippi, muscadines grow wild all over the place, but there are also orchards full of them and many people have rows planted in their yards. 

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