Hummingbird Cake



I have been promising to post about this dear cake for quite some time now! I am particularly fond of this cake, and it is always a huge crowd pleaser. The only disadvantage to the hummingbird cake is that it can pose as a threat to anyone with an allergy to nuts. However, with everything going on in this flavor powerhouse, you could probably get away with tossing the nuts out of the ingredient list and still swoon your fellow cake eaters!

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Easy Raspberry Lemon Loaf


U-Pick berry season has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio! Usually I get a round of strawberries in early June, but this year was a tragic year for strawberries and many of the U-Pick fields didn't open. The blueberries and raspberries picked up the slack and are really showing out this month. My sister and I ventured out to Rainbow Farms in Madison, OH for blueberries, then popped into another farm on the way home that had a big sign for U-Pick raspberries. 

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Southern Pound Cake with Spiced Peaches

Pound cake

If you have ever been to Mississippi, you know that us southern folks love our sweets! I grew up living next door to my grandmother and I was always running barefoot over to her house to see what tasty treats she was whipping up. My two favorites were peach cobbler and pound cake. Now that I live in Ohio, I love sharing southern favorites with my northern friends and family.

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