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Homemade Honeyed Goat Cheese with Ground Sumac Berries


Goat cheese is just one of those things that I get really crazy about. I mean it... I am a total weirdo about goat cheese! I have to temper my excitement when I see it on menus or discover a new flavor at the store. Fellow goat cheese lovers may share these feelings, but unfortunately my husband doesn't. Try as I might, I haven't convinced him that he likes goat cheese yet. I am not going to lie, a piece of me dies a little every time he turns down this beloved treat of mine. I am being dramatic, but I just can't fathom a world without goat cheese! 

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Quick Pickled Strawberries


Strawberry season has already kicked off in some parts of the country, but up here in Ohio we are still patiently waiting for the local U-Picks to open their patches to us. In the meantime, I have been making do with the fresh selections  at my local grocery store and keeping my eyes out for any early ripe ones to start trickling into the farmers markets.

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